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Susana Rentals
La Manzanilla

Susana Peña is property and rental manager for several premium La Manzanilla, Mexico properties that are available for rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

La Manzanilla is a small fishing village located on the Bay of Tenecatita in the south west corner of Jalisco, Mexico.

Casa & Bungalow Rentals

“What a terrific find in La Manzanilla. I’ve rented throuh Susana in three different properties. All a unique and positive experience. We’re planning a fourth trip and we’ll cerrtainl see what Susana has.”

Adam Gold

“Working with Susana has been a wonderful experience. She is attentive and thoughtful. Susana cares about her clients and we had a great time in La Manzanilla”

Mamun Shikdar

“We’re regulars to La Manzanilla and met Susana in the main square. She is a wealth of information and gave us great direction on things to do and things that are special about La Manzanilla”

Mia DeSephano